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Results of the contest Coin Constellation - 2016

The winners of the 10thanniversary commemorative coins contest Coin Constellation -2016 were announced on 22 September 2016. The awarding ceremony took place in Moscow, at the Radission Slavyanskaya Hotel, at the 7thInternational Conference and Exhibition COINS-2016.

This year for the only international commemorative coins contest held in Russia more than 240 commemorative coins and 21 coin series issued from 1 January till 31 December were submitted. Applications were received from 44 participants located in 29 countries.

Among participants of the Coin Constellation 2016: central banks of Armenia, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, the Kyrgyz Republic, Poland, the Republic of Belarus, Kazakhstan, the Trans-Dniester Republic, as well as companies: China Banknote Printing and Minting Corporation (China), Coin Invest Trust (Lichtenshtein), Downies (Australia), International Coin House AG (Switzerland), Moneda Nueva (Spain), NumisCollect (the Netherlands), Numiscom GmbH & Co. KG (Germany), Tatfondbank (Russia), Transstroibank (Russia), Proof Association (Russia), the Russian Agricultural Bank (Russia), Treasures of Oz Pty Ltd (Australia), New Zealand Post; mints of Russia, France, Hungary, Poland, Italy, Kazakhstan, Great Britain, Spain, Canada, the Netherlands, Austria, Mexico, the USA, Finland, Japan, Australia, Switzerland, and many others.

All coin pictures and descriptions submitted for the contest were valued by the international jury committee comprising experts of the largest museums, auction houses, numismatic associations and specialized media.

The jury defined winners and awardees in 9 nominations:Unique Concept, Successful Artistic Solution, Original Technology, Coin Classic, Souvenir Coin, Series of the Year,Silver Coin of the Year, Gold Coin of the Year,and Coin of the Year.

The tenth Peoples Choice Award is determined by online voting at the official page of the contest at the numismatic organizing committee also awards the Special Prize and the prize For the contribution to the development of commemorative coins market

Winners of Coin Constellation 2016

Unique Concept

The winner in the nomination Unique concept isthe coin Rainis and Aspazija minted by the Bank of Latvia. The coin combines interesting technologies fine quality and bright history of human relations.

The second placewas taken bythe coinChopins Scoreissued by the Mint of Poland. The coin weighs 4 ounces and has a curved shape of the manuscript. The third placewas taken bythe coin The Issue of the First Payment Cards of the Russian National Payment Systemissued by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. It is the first rectangular commemorative coin in Russia of the proof quality. It reminds of a miniature plastic card.

Successful artistic solution

The winner in this nomination isValse Mélancoliqueissued by the Bank of Latvia, demonstrating how the plain artistic shape reflects the deep inner sense. The coin was minted the Royal Dutch Mint. The second place goes tothe coin Finnish Sisuby the Mint of Finland. The third place was taken bythe coin Little Princeminted at Monnaie de Paris.

Original Technology

The first place goes tothe coin Space-Time Continuumsubmitted by Coin Invest Trust (Lichtenstein). The coin has a square shape with a curved effect. The ball in the center symbolizing the planet is a magnet and can be taken out of the coin.

The second places is taken bythe coin French Excellenceby Monnaie de Paris in the shape of the plate as anod to the practice of Sevres porcelain. The third place is awarded tothe coin Chromadepth 3Dby ART MINT (France). This is the first coin in the world with a colored artistic composition minted with a 3D technology.

Coin classic

TheDouble Golden Ducatby the Royal Dutch Mint has become the winner in this nomination. The second place is taken bythe coin 500 years of Livonian Ferdingissued by the Bank of Latvia. The third place goes to the Israel Museum Bullion by the Bank of Israel,the sixth coin in the series Golden bullions of Jerusalem.


The most interesting souvenir coin, as to the jury, isthe coin '25th anniversary of the restoration of Lithuanias independenceby the Bank of Lithuania. The second place is taken bythe coin Animals of the Provinces Laplandissued at the Mint of Finland. The third place goes toAlices Adventures in Wonderlandminted by the Perth Mint, Australia.

Series of the year

The winner here isthe series Save our world. Elkby the Central Bank of the Russian Federation comprising of seven coins of precious metals (gold and silver). The second place is taken bythe coin Treasures of Spanish Museums IIIby the Royal Spanish Mint. The third place is awarded tothe coin The 70th Anniversary of the Victory of the Soviet People in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945made by theSaint Petersburg Mint of Goznak (Russia). It consists of 3 coins: two silver 3 and 25 rubles, and the gold one 50 rubles.

Silver coin of the year

The winner isThe Bedspreads of Castelo Brancoby INCM Portuguese Mint and Official Printing Office. The second place is taken bythe coin Centenary of World War I 1915-2015by theItalian Mint.The third place goes tothe coin Creative Works of Michelangelo Bounarrotiby theSaint Petersburg Mint of Goznak (Russia).

Gold coin of the year

The winner isthe coin Flora in Art Masterpieces Neoclassicismby theItalian Mint which is a fine example of the classic Italian medallic art school.The second place is taken bythe coinMaple Canopy: Kaleidoscope of Colourby theRoyal Canadian Mint.The third place goes tothe coinThe 155th Anniversary of the Bank of Russiaissued by theCentral Bank of the Russian Federation.

Coin of the year

The winner isthe coin The Centenary of the Armenian Genocideby the Central Bank of Armenia. The face value is 100 dram; the coin was minted by the Lithuanian Mint. The second place is taken bythe coin 70 Years of Peace in Europe Italian Mint. The third place goes tothe coin Coinage in the Grand Duchy of Lithuaniaby the Bank of Lithuania.

Forthe contribution to the development of commemorative coins market

The prize For the contribution to the development of commemorative coins market is given to Svetlana Nekrasova.Svetlana is a chief specialist of Issue and Cash Operations Directorate of Cash Circulation Department of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus. However, on the coin market Svetlana is well known as a talented artist, who created a good number of sketches for commemorative coins of Belarus. Her artworks are winners of different coin contests, including the Coin Constellation.

Special Prize by the Organizing Committee

This year the Special Prize by the Organizing Committee is given to the National Bank of Kazakhstan and the Kazakhstan Mint.


Online voting atwww.Gold10.rudefined the winner in the nomination Peoples Choice Award. The prize goes tothe coin Murrine Millefiori Glass Art represented byCoin Invest Trust and minted at B.H. Mayer (Germany).

The organizer of the contest is the Water Mark Publishing House the publisher of the magazine about coins and medals the Gold Chervonets and the organizer of the International Conference and Exhibition COINS.

Among media partners of the contest are: the Gold Chervonets Magazine, the Analytical Banking Journal, the Banking Review, the National Banking Magazine, the Numismatics Magazine,CoinsWeekly, Monnaie Magazine,, Biblio-Globus Trading House, InterCrim-press Publishers and Krause Publications,Association of the Regional Banks of Russia, online auction and trading platform NewAuction.


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