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History of Polish Coin – the szóstak (six grosz) of John III Sobieski
История польской монеты – szóstak (шесть грошей) Иоанна III Собеского
Presented by
Narodowy Bank Polski
Nominal value
20 zloty
Silver 925°
13 000
Production quality
Dominika Karpińska-Kopiec
Mint of Poland
Description of obverse and reverse
Obverse: at the bottom, a stylised reverse of the szóstak featuring: a crown at the top, the numeral VI below it and three escutcheons with the coats-of-arms of Poland, Lithuania and Janina of the Sobieskis, the year 1682 in the bottom part; along the rim, an inscription: «GROS·ARG·SEX REG·POLONIAE». On the left, the image of the Eagle established as the state emblem of the Republic of Poland; an inscription along the rim: «RZECZPOSPOLITA POLSKA» (Republic of Poland), and a notation of the year of issue: «2019»; below the Eagle, an inscription: «20 ZŁ» and, below the Eagle, on the right, the Mint mark, «m/w». At the top, a fragment of the bas-relief from Wilanów Palace showing Hetman Jan Sobieski on horseback before the royal coronation. 

Reverse: on the left, a stylized obverse of the six-grosz coin featuring the bust of John Sobieski wearing a laurel wreath and turned to the right; along the rim an inscription: «IOAN·III D G REX POL·M·D·L·R·P», and an inscription at the bottom: «T·L·B·». On the right, a fragment of an illustration from the armorial of Wacław Potocki, partly covered by the image of the six-grosz coin, depicting the Eagle bearing on its breast the Janina coat-of-arms. Along the left rim, an inscription: «SZÓSTAK JANA SOBIESKIEGO» (SIX-GROSZ COIN OF JOHN III SOBIESKI).
A brief annotation
Minting activity during the reign of John III Sobieski (1674−1696) lasted for a short period of time. During the almost two decade-long reign, coins were struck for only 8 years. These were mostly silver crown coins: the trojak (three grosz), szóstak (six grosz) and ort (18 grosz) coins, and a small amount of gold coins. The szóstak was the most popular one.
New issue
№ 2(63) 2023
№ 2(63) 2023
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