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30 years of independence of Kazakhstan
30 лет независимости Казахстана
Presented by
Kazakhstan Mint / National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Nominal value
5 000 tenge
933 g
100 mm
Silver 925°
5 000 pcs
Production quality
National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan Mint
Description of obverse and reverse
The obverse features the denomination, the NBK logo and an inscription indicating the metal, sample and weight of the coin. Around the circumference ‒ the inscription "QAZAQSTAN RESPÝBLIKASY • REPUBLIC OF KAZAKHSTAN".

The reverse features the National Flag of the Republic of Kazakhstan, a map of the Republic of Kazakhstan, a portrait row, an ornamental ribbon made in the form of a decor of a Kazakh yurt (baskur), and the official logo of the celebration of the 30th anniversary of Independence of Kazakhstan.

A brief annotation
The design of the coins "TÁÝELSIZ QAZAQSTANǴA 30 JYL" displays a symbolic connection with the first series of banknotes of the 1993 model of independent Kazakhstan, on which portrait images of outstanding historical figures are placed. The composition completes the visual portrait series and logically marks an anniversary milestone in the history of the state.

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№ 1(62) 2023
№ 1(62) 2023
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