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Africa’s Big 5 – Series II – The Elephant
Слон ‒ Большая африканская пятерка
Presented by
South African Mint Company (RF) (Pry) Ltd
Nominal value
Fifty Rand (R50)
31,107 g
32,69 mm
Gold 999,9°
550 pcs
Production quality
Obverse die-engraver: Paul Botes. Obverse artist: JA Geldenhuys and RC Stone. Reverse die-engraver: Paul Botes. Reverse artist: JA Geldenhuys and RC Stone
South African Mint Company (RF) (Pry) Ltd
Description of obverse and reverse
The obverse features a portrait of an elephant together with the South African coat of arms and the words 'South Africa', the name of the series 'Big 5' and the date the coin was issued in '2021'.

The reverse of the coin features two halves of the face of an elephant so that when two of the coins are placed next to each other, a complete a close-up image of the face of an elephant is seen; by placing many of these coins next to each other one can create the visual impression of a herd of elephants.

The denomination 'Fifty Rand', the mass '1oz' and the fineness 'Au 999.9' feature as a central design element within the design of the two halves of an elephant portrait.

A brief annotation
The Big Five Series is introduced for the first time in 2019. Based on the success of these coins a second range of Big Five designs was issued in 2021. The elephant forms part of series II.

Today, the Big five have become the icons of Africa’s greatest assets – its precious wildlife. Conservation efforts throughout Africa are striving to maintain the delicate ecosystems wherein the animals strive to survive against the ever encroaching march of modern civilization.

African Elephants are the largest land mammals alive on earth. Both males and females have ivory tusks, making poaching the biggest threat to the survival of these magnificent herbivores.

When an elephant charges a potential enemy or feels threatened, it will flap its ears forwards and backwards to make is appear even larger and more threatening. African elephants not only have larger ears than Asian elephants, but their ears also roughly resemble the map of Africa.

The elephant’s most recognisable feature, its trunk is a fusion of the nose and upper lip. This versatile appendix is used for: breathing, smelling, touching, communicating, grabbing food, lifting, drinking, digging and balance.

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